The Complexity of Lichen Symbiosis:

Novel Interdisciplinary approaches from Genomic

to Functional perspectives


3-4 December 2018

The Workshop will take place at the Universitat de València,
Campus de Burjassot, Valencia, Spain


Lichens are complex symbiotic systems, in which coexistence occurs between several microalgal taxa and/or lineages with a single fungus -mycobiont-, displaying different tolerance patterns to multiple kinds of abiotic stress. Furthermore, certain communities of non-photosynthetic bacteria and yeasts are starting to be considered as an integral part of the lichen thalli.

Currently, interdisciplinary genomic approaches (NGS, culture isolations, multi-tool genetic analyses, etc.) have generated promising results to deal with lichen complexity and microalgae diversity. Therefore, the new point of view considers lichen thalli to be complex micro-ecosystems, which brings about further questions concerning many of the biochemical and cellular mechanisms of the microalgae involved in the functional equilibrium of lichen symbioses.

This meeting is dedicated to discussing and better clarifying our knowledge of the complex interactions that uphold
lichen symbiosis, through the characterization of different aspects of biology and phylogenetic relationships within the symbionts.

Outstanding international attendees experienced in different research field of lichen symbiosis will present and discuss their novel results. A DEMO training session will be dedicated to explain/ teach some biogeographical and phylogenetic tools in an informatics room. At the same time, this unique meeting will give everyone the opportunity to both strengthen present cooperation and establish new contacts for the compilation of future research proposals.




OPEN to ALL: NO REGISTRATION FEES, REGISTRATION would be appreciated prior to attending talks in:

This interdisciplinary meeting is open to Masters and Doctoral students, Post- Doctoral fellows, lecturers, etc., both directly related or not to research in lichen symbiosis.

The Faculties of Biological Sciences and Mathematics will provide the venue and informatics facilities. The Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (ICBIBE) and the Department of Botany and Geology will provide lab facilities and other seminar rooms for any additional needs during the workshop.

Venues: Lectures in the Degree Seminar room in the Mathematics Faculty. Informatics room 4B at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, 46100- Burjassot, C/ Dr. Moliner 50 (see maps below).


The venue can be easily reached in 15-20 min from the city centre (bus line n. 63), or from the underground/tram stations.

Eva BARRENO, Pedro CARRASCO, Francisco GARCÍA-BREIJO, Francisco MARCO, Patricia MOYA, Salvador CHIVA

“Symbiosis diversity and evolution of lichens and plants: biotechnology and innovation” UVEG/team

“Plant Biodiversity-Ecophysiology team”