Principal Investigator

Eva Barreno Rodríguez
Eva Barreno does research in:
Lichens, microalgae and plant Biodiversity, Symbiosis, Environmental Plant Physiology, Population Ecology and Evolution, Environmental abiotic stresses and tolerance, Atmospheric pollution bioindicators: ozone, nitrogen deposition, climatic change, Lichen bacteria and lichen yeasts, Lichens, microalgae and plant genetics: Sequencing and HTS, Phytogeography, Collection of lichen-symbiont microalgae, Lichens and microalgae Biotechnology.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Arantzazu Molins Piqueres
Research Interests
Diversity and phylogeny of symbiotic partners in lichen species; genetic and morphological characterization of algae
Depto.Botánica-Facultad de Biología

Patricia Moya
Research Interests
Genomic diversity and coexistence of lichen symbionts; lichen ultrastructure

M. Isabel Martínez-Nieto
Research Interests
Diversity of symbiotic partners in lichen species; phylogeny and population
genetics of plant species; physiology implications of gene mutations in plants;
conservation biology.

Predoctoral Researcher

Salvador Chiva Natividad
Research Interests
Diversity and phylogeny of terricolous lichens and phycobionts involved in the formation of Biological Soil Crusts

Ernesto Hinojosa Vidal
Research Interests
Symbiotic microalgae biology, physiology and ecology. Bioinformatics and genomics.

Graduate Students

Cristina Dumitru
Research Interests

Andreu Manzanera Adell
Research Interests