Congratulations, memories and reply to,

Dear all the participants in the

from GENOMIC to FUNCTIONAL PERSPECTIVES, Valencia 3-4 December 2018

Thank you very much, for the nice thanks you sent to me that I forwarded to all those involved in the organization who did a lot of effort.
The meeting was what I wanted it to be, a real Workshop with almost those who are going to lead the future and who already do great things.
The truth is that also Pavel Skaloud, said to me truly excited that “we had become a pineapple” and that he will organize the next and that a mailing-list to increase contacts, etc. etc..
It has been a lot of effort but I am also very satisfied.
When in the afternoon of 4th December I saw the large computer classroom crowded with people (nearly 50) until 7.30 pm from 3:00 pm, it was when I realized how interesting the meeting had been for everyone.
The PhD and masters European students, who have come, were so grateful and enthusiastic that moved and inspired me for future meetings.
It was certainly a good birthday. I felt happy to have reached “maturity” with such an intense intellectual activity and enthusiasm for research, more than when I started many years ago. Also, surrounded by many people who really appreciate me, what more could you ask for?

Un fuerte abrazo, Eva Barreno

Hello Eva, good morning and happy birthday.
Congratulations for the workshop, it has been a success. I think we all have a great feeling of how it came out, the level of talks and discussions, which have been great, just what one expects from a workshop of this kind, and the relationship between all the assistants really good.
You have treated us wonderfully. So I can only thank you.
A hug, a slap on the ears and a thousand thanks again.
Sergio Pérez Ortega
Hola Eva:
Muchas gracias de todos modos, y enhorabuena de nuevo por la organización del workshop, que ha sido estupendo.

Saludos, Sergio

Dear Eva,
Once again, thank you so much for organising such a wonderful workshop!
Thank you!

Pavel Skaloud

Dear Eva,
I have reached back Frankfurt yesterday night. I hope you had a great birthday celebration.
I would like to thank you and your team for inviting me to partecipate in what has been a very nice, productive, and inspiring workshop. The organisation has been outstanding: the sessions, the hotel, the time for interacting with others, the food..thank you!
With this, I would also like to remind you that I would be interested in a collaboration on the genomics of natural products of your bacterial isolates. I will soon send you all the receipts.
Thank you once again for everything!

Un abrazo, Francesco Dal Grande

Dear Eva,
Thank you once again for organizing this very interesting workshop!
I have attached the boarding passes, the invoice, as well as the credit card screenshot.
The flight is my only reimbursement.
Let me know if something else is required.
Best wishes,

Tomislav Cernava

Dear Eva,
First of all congratulations about your workshop. I heard that it was extremely successful and people enjoyed your hospitality very much.
All my best,

Martin Grube

Good morning Eva,
I take advantage of the message that you have sent back to congratulate once again the whole team, and in particular you, for the fantastic workshop that you have organized.
And, being in Valencia, these two days have been phenomenal. Thank you for your warm welcome and kindness.En fin, deseo que sea exitosa la charla de esta tarde sobre líquenes. Voy a aprovechar estos días de puente para acercarme el incendio de Els Surars, a ver cómo va evolucionando la vegetación y los líquenes. Ya te mando algunos fotos! 😊
Un fuerte abrazo y estamos en contacto estas próximas semanas.

Isaac Garrido

Hello Eva,
Thank you very much for everything and as I told you there I really liked the organization, congress and the theme.
Everything perfect and above all your wonderful company!
Un abrazo,


Thank you a lot.
I really enjoyed my stay in Valencia and workshop.
The lectures and workshop were inspiring and I appreciate the possibility to meet your group as well as other people.
I think you did a really good job by organizing such an event…and hope to meet you in Prague in the future.
All the best,

Jana Steinova

Dear Organizing Team,
Thank you very much for such great and extremely useful workshop!
Best regards,

Polina Degtjarenko

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